When I began studying biology at university, I had every intention of following a purely scientific career. I was good at science, I had the right sort brain, and most of all it fascinated me.

However, it grew on me during my degree that, although an awful lot of top-notch research was being done, very little of it ever reached the public or even policy makers. There was a big gap here, and it had consequences: scientists were being ignored or even ridiculed by politicians, people were believing wild claims invented by the media, and all the while the things that really matter in the long run were quietly being destroyed.

I’m talking here about my main interests: climate change, conservation and environmentalism. This is not any sort of blue-sky thinking - the science clearly says these issues are vitally important to the welfare of the planet and the human race, and how we react to what scientists are telling us will define our generation. To me, simply putting my head down and getting on with research didn’t seem like an option any more. I knew I was a good communicator, especially with the written word, so I decided that was where I would focus my efforts.

This has taken me far and wide: from guiding and tutoring in Costa Rica, to optimising over 1000 documentaries in Surrey, to talking policy and politics in Westminster. It’s certainly been a varied journey so far, and there’s definitely more to come.

I am currently taking on freelance writing work. Science, especially biology and contemporary issues, are my specialities, but I am very happy to consider a range of writing tasks. Please do get in touch to discuss further.

You can contact me at: jacobashton2711@gmail.com